My Transformational Morning Routine

For years I would dread waking up in the morning. It didn’t matter what was going to happen that day, good or bad. I loathed the process of getting out of my bed. The sleep never seemed to be enough and I could not conjure up any happiness.

A negative start to your day is one of the leading causes in an unsatisfied life, filled with more downs than ups. Until I discovered this truth I lived feeling as though I had been dealt the worst hand in life. Everyday seemed jinxed and I felt as though I had no control over any situation in my life. Have you ever see a cartoon that has that one character with the cloud over their head at all times? Everyone else around them seemed to be experiencing a clear day. But not that particular character, it was always gloomy? If yes then you have just experienced a visual of what it was like for me in the mornings a few years ago. I am pretty sure some of you can relate to this as well… I mean you did start reading this to change your morning routine, right !?!

“Each good morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most” – Buddha

So how did I pull myself together, how did I change my outlook and make my mornings more enjoyable? After realizing that I was struggling with underlying depression and the outcome of other negative habits. I was able to take the steps to recover my life. With the help of my church, family and friends I began to put my life back together. Spiritually, mentally and physically. One aspect of my recovery and my transformation was a consistent morning routine. One that set me up for a successful day, a day to feel fulfilled. I quickly learned that anyone that wants to be in control of their day, never takes their mornings for granted. Through trials and growing I made it my duty to ensure I had a strategy for every morning.

“I love the smell of possibility in the morning.” – Unknown

For anyone out there that is looking to make a change in their life, to feel hope, to reach their goals and to create a life of their dreams. My morning routine will help you achieve this!

  1. Set your intentions the night before – Surprise! A successful morning requires a plan made the night before. Set alarms, take out gym clothes (if you’re working out), prepare journals and pens, set up prayer/meditation space, have your music ready and anything else you plan to complete in the morning. Be prepared.
  2. Make Your First Words An Affirmation – You would be shocked to find out how much power and life can come from your lips. I wake up thanking God for a new day, and continue thanking God for anything that comes to mind. You can make your first words mean something that brings joy, love, encouragement and peace.
  3. Listen to your thoughts: Take a moment to listen to your thoughts, make sure they are in alignment with your intentions for the day. Make any inner dialogue adjustments as necessary. You need all of you to be on the same page.
  4. Hydrate: You are thirsty, even if you don’t feel like you are. My favourite morning refreshment is a glass of infused water. Lemon & Mint
  5. Prayer/Meditation & Journal: Seal the deal for the day! Don’t skip out on spiritually aligning your intentions, and actions for the day. Keep a physical log of your morning thoughts and the instructions you receive in the quiet of the morning.
  6. Movement: Whether you hit the gym for a workout, pop in your own at home workout or just go for a walk with the dog. Move your body early in the morning. Just 20 minutes can create such an uplifting internal feeling, a natural happy pill.
  7. Play Music That Makes You Smile: When you have done all you can, play music that makes you sing and dance. Music can help you stay calm and in a happy state. Here is a playlist I put together for my mornings. I hope you enjoy it. Angel’s Happy Dose

No more bad mornings! Take control of your day, every day. You’re welcome.

You Are Loved, xo


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