2 Ways To Stay Focused

A decision has been made and you are ready to start. Your motivation is at peak performance and you can envision the feeling of victory at the finish line. We all start things because of a desire within us. Whatever the desire is, it was strong enough to shift you into motion. Maybe it was a conversation with a friend, a lifelong goal, or an immediate call to action from an unfortunate situation that sparked the flame. The bottom line is, there was something you aspired and you were willing to do whatever it took to lay hold on it.

Then after awhile of this zeal, you begin to get in routine and find out that it takes more than excitement to get to your goal. What happens to zeal overtime? This is a situation many people find themselves in. They lose the drive that was once present.

It’s not that the desire disappeared, it’s the focus that begins to shift.

As a personal trainer, this is something I discuss everyday. “How to keep the momentum going within the journey at all times.” I am sure we all have lost the tenacity to keep going in something that we started off really excited about. The same goes for all the things people strive to do in life, not just Fitness. At some point there comes a mountain that needs to be conquered. Everyone’s mountain looks different, and the heights vary.

For some it’s a lack of time, money, or knowledge that creates this mountain to climb on the journey. On the other hand, life’s issues get in the way and cause a shift in focus. All of these issues hold a solid argument for immediate priorities, but none of them bring you close to your true desire. So how then? How do you get over the immediate priorities?

  1. A GOAL – never forget your goal.
  2. YOUR PASSION – hold on to the feeling that drives you.

Everyday that you decide to only live according to what needs to be done, and put aside what you want to accomplish. You destroy the passion, and you bury the chances to succeed. I agree sometimes you have to take care of other things and they do come up unexpectedly. However if you have a desire and you want to succeed, do not let a day go by without doing something towards your goal. That is how you can overcome and succeed.

Somedays you are going to do everything you need to, towards your goal. Somedays you can barely get through one thing. I believe that the days you give 100% should be noted. But the days you gave 10% because things got tough should be celebrated!

You have been given your desire for a reason, keep the passion going. Make a step everyday – Big or small, do not stay still, do not get stuck. Focus, Climb, Conquer!

You Are Loved xo,


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