How To Holiday Proof Your Health Goals

The Holiday’s are here and the buzz for all the upcoming meals, all of the things and the endless cocktails have started. We all love a great holiday feast! As we should! The feeling of celebration, family, friends and lasting memories being created is a blessing. It is a time to enjoy to the fullest. But what about our goals that require us to stay focused even in the midst of celebration? Is there a way to ensure you are doing all of the things and still stick to your goals?

Just like most of the other things in life, it is super important to maintain control over your decisions and make life work for you. This is why with a few tweaks and guidelines you can enjoy each and every moment of life in a way that works for you.

When it comes to the holiday season. Some of us will need to be a bit more mindful of the goals we set for ourselves. This can make life a lot easier for you and helps you remain in the moment with each celebration. A guilt free time with family and friends is obtainable. You just have to be willing to take control of the moment and allow it to work for you.

When it comes to remaining consistent during the holidays with your nutrition and fitness goals. There are many brilliant ways to stay on target and still enjoy the festivities. Over the years I have experimented with many of the different ways to remain on target during these times. Some ways were not so successful, while others worked. So I decided to share with you my most effective holiday tips for staying on track.

How Can You Holiday Proof Your Goals?

1.Eat Prior To Social Gatherings

One way to ensure you don’t suddenly find yourself off track is by ensuring you don’t show up to your gathering hungry. Making a decision to avoid certain foods on an empty stomach will not go well for you. The temptation will be too much.

2. Bring Your Own Meals With You

Take control of your options. Bring your meals. Your family and friends may look at you sideways by doing this, but they will be the same people asking you how you achieved your goals. You never know if the menu may hinder your progress, so be responsible and prepared to ensure your nutritional needs are met.

3. Don’t Change Your Meal Requirements

Let’s talk about the guilty feeling you get when you willingly go against your nutrition needs! I mean it is never worth it. If you follow the first two tips as well as add another step of knowing how much of each food group you should eat. This will help you if you do decide to indulge in the same food as the rest of the guests.

4. Adjust The Recipes

If you are involved in the preparation of the food over the holidays. Try to find ways to cook all your favourite dishes in a more healthy way. You would be surprised to see how many of your guest will love healthier choices!

5. Take Your Time While You Eat – Satisfaction vs. Over Stuffing

When we rush and shovel food down, we detach ourselves from listening to our bodies and recognizing the cues our bodies give us when we are full. Honouring our bodies and taking our time to enjoy the taste of food, leaves us with a feeling of satisfaction, and avoids the feeling of being over stuffed and uncomfortable. You can wear the jeans and not have to unbutton them. Thank me later…

6. Don’t Hang Around The Food The Whole Time

Chances are that the less you stare at something is the less you will think about it. Or reach for it. Out of sight, out of mind. I know for myself a lot of the socializing happens in the eating areas. Try to clear the space as best as possible, or create a better gathering area with less temptations.

7. Don’t Drink All Of Your Calories.

The bottom line is this, you can end up taking in way to many calories if you do not monitor how many beverages you have at a function. Knowing your limit and substituting with calorie free drinks will help you to not experience the sneaky way you can over indulge with drinks.

8. Avoid Alcohol On An Empty Stomach

Besides the fact that you will expose yourself to being intoxicated very quickly. You will also be opening up your appetite, with minimum self control. Make sure your body has enough nutritional sustenance before you have a cocktail.

9. Ensure You Are Moving Your Body Daily

It doesn’t need to be a full one to two hours in the gym. But during the holiday’s make sure movement is still a priority. Go for a walk in nature, carve out time in the morning before the festivities to ensure you move your body.

“Staying on track should not be viewed as restriction. Staying on track should be viewed as being responsible for what you truly want.”

10. Relax

I know this could all seem overwhelming. It may cause you to feel like you are going to have a rough time, maybe even fail. But with the proper planning and begin ahead of the most common obstacles, you don’t have to feel anxious about the next family dinner, or event with your friends. Staying on track should not be viewed as restriction. Staying on track should be viewed as being responsible for what you truly want. If you slip here or there, don’t beat yourself up about it. Note the slip up and come up with a way to avoid this the next time. It is not the end of the world if you find yourself in a moment of over indulgence. Be kind to yourself.

So how will you go about the holiday season? I know that following these guidelines really helped me to be more aware and eat more responsibly during the holidays. I hope that you can incorporate some of these in your survival kit to stay on track!

Now, let the good times begin!


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